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A defendant called the office and told us that they were told that they had a non-arrest bond? So what does that mean?

Simply put, a non-arrest bond is an open warrant for the defendant’s arrest, however, if the defendant chooses, they can avoid having to be arrested by posting a bond with the Sheriff. This must be done by them in person at the Sheriff’s processing center. This is commonly called being BOOKED which refers to the BOOKING PROCESS preformed by the Sheriff.

Here is how it works! Whenever a person is accused of a crime and charges are filed by the (DA) District Attorney, a warrant is filed for the arrest of the accused. The accused is now called the defendant at that point. So, whenever the DA charges a defendant and a warrant is issued, a bond is set on the case. Usually, the bond amount will follow the Harris County Bail Schedule. I have listed the link to the bail schedule below for you reference. Whenever a bond is set, the defendant can go to a bail bonding company, pay them a bond fee and the bonding company will give them a bail bond for them to take to the Sheriff to post. This is what is called posting a non-arrest bond. No one can do this for the defendant. They must do this in person, because they are required to sign and thumbprint the bond thereby promising to appear in court INSTANTER. INSTANTER means that the defendant is promising to appear in court anytime that the court orders them to appear.

So, if you have been charge with a criminal offense, you can avoid being arrested, provided that you have a bond set on your case. Most people prefer to post a non-arrest bond if at all possible for obvious reasons.

Harris County Bail Schedule
Misdemeanor Offenses
Felony Offenses

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